From Terrifying Digital Billboards to Creepy Car Wash Pranks

 - Oct 24, 2014
Changing of seasons as well as upcoming holidays provide companies with an easy and refreshing way to promote their products without coming off too strong; in this case, Halloween-themed campaigns are playful and, if done right, frightening. People, especially those who love these horrifying festivities, get a kick out of clever scares and that forces the creative juices to flow when coming up with Halloween-themed campaigns.

From chocolate commercials that focus on people's inner monsters to publicity stunts that scare people in real life, there are a number of ways companies can reinforce their brands during this time. What Halloween-themed campaigns allow for, more than anything, is the creation of an experience. This is something that millenials in particular are gravitating towards. Traditional marketing is slowly heading out the door for more viral campaigns.