- Jun 19, 2015
Animal awareness campaigns are the first step to saving the endangered species that exist all over the globe. These educational ads often force viewers to stop and think about the endangered species that exist in every corner of the world. Through thought-provoking and insightful ads, our world can gain a deeper understanding of what is happening and how we can stop it.

There are ideas such as the endangered virtual pet games that incorporate a playful game and education into one outlet. The game is fun but it also sends a literal message that if these endangered species aren't saved, the only thing left will be a virtual version of the playful creatures.

This idea carries over to the the pre-extinct photography series that shows the reality of endangered species and what they will look like when they are extinct. Scare tactics might work to influence people to help out but there should always be a conscious effort to support species -- besides our own survive on this planet.

From Animal-Saving Beers to Pre-Extinct Animal Photography: