WWF's Campaign Ad to Save Maui's Dolphins Shows Their Decline in Numbers

 - Jul 17, 2014
References: wwf.org.nz & coloribus
In this ad to save Maui's dolphins, WWF shows just how few their number of dolphins really are.

The text reads: "There are as many Maui's dolphins as there are letters in this sente_ _ _." In total, there are 55 letters on the print ad, representing the extremely small actual number of dolphins that are becoming dangerously close to extinction in New Zealand—there's not even enough to finish the phrase on the poster.

This poster was developed for the WWF by Ogilvy & Mather New Zealand and hopefully it will continue to raise awareness on the issue. The campaign to save Maui's dolphins is an urgent and ongoing project by the WWF, following the 'Last 55' campaign on Facebook to get the word out about just how close this species is from disappearing forever.