- Apr 9, 2014
Bathtime gifts can help the process of getting your kids to wash-up without a fight. Without bath toys, sitting in soapy water can be a daunting task for any child; they need to be kept occupied and have a playful environment. These bathtime gifts will get them voluntarily jumping in the tub!

Many of these gifts include classic rubber duckies, but with a twist; Some ducks act as sound systems and some are made to resemble superheroes. More modern gifts for your bathing beauties include everything from non-permanent tub tattoos to automatic, non-toxic bubble makers.

Bathtime can also be educational for children by giving them incentive-infused soaps. The Virginia Candle Company's Money Soaphands contains real U.S currency; thus, the more often the kids lather up with the bar of soap, the closer they get to the prize.

From Animal Bubble Bath Dispensers to Rubber Ducky Superheroes: