The Tubtanic Novelty Bath Plug Recalls the Famed Ship

 - Oct 6, 2012
References: amazon & geekalerts
Re-enact the sinking of the historical Titanic ship in your bathtub with the Tubtanic Novelty Bath Plug. If you've seen the movie about the epic voyage that went horribly wrong, then you'll remember the dramatic climax when the Titanic begins to sink.

While not an exact replica of the Titanic ship by any means, you can still relive all of the drama and the tragedy while you relax in the tub. Watch the Tubtanic slowly start to sink as it fills up with water, drowning all who are aboard. Maybe you prefer to spare your crew by granting this ship a different fate, it's really up to you.

Be the captain of your own ship with the playful Tubtanic Novelty Bath Plug.