From Fashion Shoots to Architecture, These Finds are Pool-Savvy

 - May 22, 2012
Summer is here and the time for poolside activity is nigh, these inflation inspired innovations are a perfect addition to your underwater escapades.

Depending on the size of one's outdoor pool, you may have to venture out to a water park to enjoy things like the Inflatable Iceberg or Survive the Titanic Adventure Slide. However, if you're lucky enough to have a 50-yard swimming pool or lake at your disposal, perhaps you'll want to invest in some fun flotation toys like an Aquatic Trampoline or Turbine Toy Boats.

Of course, pools can be more than just aquatic play areas, poolside fashion is a perfect way to showcase the scandalous and sexy attire of summer couture. Nothing says sexy summer fun like a naked, muscular man lounging in an outdoor kiddie pool.