Mark Verge Breathes Life into His Balloons

 - Jul 7, 2011
References: junglejack & odditycentral
Mark Verge, the winner of the world balloon sculpting competition, won with his life-size balloon recreation of dinosaurs.

These enormous pop-able dinosaurs are impressive and I commend him for dedicating his time to creating this twisted, masterful piece of work. Every piece of each Jurassic figure is made completely of balloons.

As as self-professed dinosaur enthusiast, Mark Verge has created a great number of these balloon dinosaurs to date including a Spinosaurus, Stegasaurus and a T-Rex (the most kickass dinosaur) with each figure containing anywhere from 800 to 1400 balloons. According this his website, each dinosaur takes around 55 hours to make. Seeing has how there is a narrow window of time before the balloons shrink and morph, Mark’s speed in creating these enormous dinosaur figures needs to be impeccable. If you ever see his work displayed in a museum or anything, just remember not to wear you favorite spiky, studded jacket!