- Jul 31, 2013
If you're a sci-fi or astrology lover, this list of moon-shaped products will bring you joy. The many shapes of the moon, along with its crater-filled texture, is the inspiration of many products including jewelry, watches, architecture and even sun beds. Ambient in a mystical and whimsical way, moon-inspired creations deliver a soothing mood. Some are actually orbital in functionality, while others merely mimic the physical appearance.

Several watch faces mimic the rotational movement of the moon. This makes sense, since time is defined by the number of planetary orbits. Taking galactic themes and infusing them to everyday wearable design is a clever approach to creating innovative products.

Many light fixtures follow the celestial theme, inspired by the shapes and texture of the moon. It's a popular inspiration for subtly glowing night lights.

From Outer Space Sleeping Supplies to Moon-Shaped Fashions: