Light up Your Nights with the Glow in the Dark Moon Clock

 - Oct 7, 2012
References: likecool
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, either you have serious case of the munchies, or maybe you're just looking at this totally sweet glow in the dark moon clock.

Featuring an authentic, high-definition lunar image covered beneath a glass dome, the glow in the dark moon clock has a 13.5-inch diameter and requires only one AA battery. The lunar picture was taken in Western France by an astronomy photographer going by the name of Norbert. Although it doesn't have any numbers, most people are probably smart enough to know what time it is just by looking at the hour and minute hands.

Not only is the glow in the dark moon clock a great way to tell time, it also makes a great night light and is the perfect gift for astronomy lovers and werewolves alike.