- Feb 9, 2014
Any homeowner looking to creatively infuse eco-friendly techniques into their everyday routine is in luck, because these sustainable clocks will definitely help keep you on schedule in a more environmentally conscious way.

When it comes to making appointments and keeping up with daily responsibilities, having a clock or timepiece is essential to maintaining a schedule. These sustainable examples however, have creatively infused eco-friendly aspects into the overall design, turning ordinary timepieces into wonderfully green products. Perfect for homeowners in the mood to incorporate a little bit of nature into their interior decor, these sustainable clocks will definitely add subtle eco touches to any home.

From alarm clocks powered by solar energy to those that have been creatively upcycled from bottle caps, these sustainable clocks will definitely provide an eccentrically green way to tell the time.

From Circular Eco Timepieces to DIY Cardboard Clocks: