Teco Art Upcycled Circuit Board and Hard Drive Clocks Rock

 - Feb 15, 2010   Updated: Jul 26 2011
References: etsy
These upcycled circuit board clocks are from Teco Art, a company that creates home goods and clocks from recycled computer parts. These upcycled circuit board clocks by Teco Art are great for any geek or fan of eco home decor.

No part of the computer seems to go to waste, as Teco Art creations have used central processing unit fans, laptop hard drives, computer circuit boards, and even Apple iPod hard drives.

Implications - It's reassuring to know that we live in a time period where concepts like the upcycled circuit board have a niche in the marketplace. Not only does this appeal to environmentalists, it's a tech-nerd's fantasy. You can't go wrong with that.