The Tugboat Printshop and its Moon Art Piece is Artistry at its Finest

 - Dec 11, 2012
References: cloudjunky.tumblr & thisiscolossal
The moon gets a whimsical upgrade with the Tugboat Printshop and its newest hand-carved design.

The married couple Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth are the designers behind the kooky and creative creation. Since they opened their doors in 2006, they have prided themselves on using traditional printmaking techniques, which includes making everything by hand. Though this must be a time consuming medium of artistry, the results are well worth it. The Moon piece is one of their largest creations yet as it measures in at 36″ x 32." The incredible and intricate design depicts many exaggerated and whimsical craters of the moon surface.

For those intrigued and wanting a piece of something that is always lighting up the night sky, the piece can be pre-ordered through their website.