Luna by Stephane Garreau is a Daybed that Softly References the Night

 - Sep 13, 2012
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Perhaps a very spoiled pet might curl up on Luna by Stephane Garreau during the night, but otherwise, this comforting piece of furniture is the type that would get more use during the day. Its name and its shape, however, do allude to the tranquility of the evening.

Unlike your usual living room armchair, this one has been sculpted into the shape of a perfect circle without the overly distinctive features with which you would be familiar. A shallow depression in the center of the moon-shaped cushion invites you to take a seat, supporting you with a general form that blends a backrest, arm rests and a leg rest around it.

In the Potemkine Studio Luna by Stephane Garreau, you can really feel like you're relaxing with your body reclined and your limbs able to stretch out in all directions.