From Hanging Geodesic Seats to Modern Strap Chairs

 - Jun 15, 2015
Designed to spruce up any outdoor play area, these pieces of backyard furniture are perfect for barbecue season.

While portable cooler hammocks provide relaxation and protection from the sun, triple hammock seating allows its users to cool off with two other friends. Apart from lounge seating, patio seating is just as crucial. Bow tie-inspired chairs add a cutesy aesthetic to patio decor whereas whimsical rattan furniture offer a wide range of bold color. With seating comes a variety of backyard umbrellas made to keep its users cool. Folding fungus umbrellas offer a biologic appeal while solar paneled umbrellas are eco-friendly.

These pieces of backyard furniture also include an array of outdoor pods such as pear-shaped outdoor beds and the John Lewis garden pod.