The Skycycle Parasol Adjusts is Exposure to Complement Conditions

 - Apr 17, 2013
References: joynout & tuvie
You might generally associate the requirement of an umbrella when shelter is needed from either the sun or the rain. The Skycycle Parasol, however, is wonderfully practical in a broad range of scenarios and would do well to cover you from sunrise to sunset.

Designers Hanan Layosh and Assaf Israel conceived this pinwheel style of canopy that can let in slices of light. Sensors on the top of the umbrella gauge solar intensity and provide the appropriate exposure. Throughout the day, the outdoor cover is constantly adjusting for your protection and pleasure, all the while soaking up rays and storing them as energy. At night, the Skycycle Parasol uses this power to illuminate LEDs underneath it so that you can have patio parties into the evening.