- Jan 27, 2014
In the midst of bitter winter, spring is creeping up on us, which means spring weather umbrellas are about to be in high demand. There is no need to fret as there are tons of umbrella innovations and styles available to keep you covered. There are even pet parasols to keep your little furry munchkins dry. If you’re a Sci-Fi or Star Wars enthusiast, there are light saber umbrellas that actually light up, making sure the force is always with you. If you are more of a practical individual, there are text-enabling umbrellas for easy mobile communication in the rain, or hurricane umbrellas that completely protect you from the rainy weather.

For the fashionistas, there are cute and compact floral umbrellas to match spring outfits, brass-knuckle umbrellas to make sure your ring-candy party is always on point. For DIY enthusiasts, there is the DIY polka-dot umbrella idea.

Spring weather umbrellas are a seasonal necessity before we welcome the sunny weather of the summer.

From Glowing Light-Saber Parasoles to Text-Enabling Umbrellas: