The CCD-Me-Not Umbrella Keeps You Safe from Government Surveillance

Mark Shepard's CCD-Me-Not Umbrella is the ideal parasol for those who fear Big Brother and its constant attempts at civilian surveillance. The CCD-Me-Not Umbrella is designed to make users harder to track at night by CCTV cameras.

The CCD-Me-Not Umbrella is an ingenious creation. The umbrella is fitted with 256 infrared LED lights powered by eight lithium polymer batteries inserted into the umbrella's stock. The LED lights can be turned on and off with the flick of a button. They also serve to frustrate the CCTV cameras, which use a complex set of algorithms to discern moving people from other objects during nighttime. The effects of the umbrella, which can be seen in the video here, are stunning to say the least. The umbrella is part of Shepard's larger project, Sentient City, a project consisting of apps and other innovative items designed to help beat Big Brother at its own game.