- Nov 16, 2013
Getting stuck in the rain can be a very dreadful experience, which is why these geeky umbrellas are here to offer some eclectic options for shielding yourself from the wet weather.

Umbrellas are a practical option when it comes to having something handy and convenient to protect yourself from the rain, but if you're in the mood for something a bit more quirky, then these geeky parasols are just for you. Offering designs that feature Sci-Fi references, quirky animal images and popular TV shows, these geeky umbrella designs will definitely make enduring the rain an easier experience.

From cartoony pistol parasols to peeping rain protectors, these geeky umbrellas are offering individuals the chance to showcase their eclectic personality any time it starts to pour outside.

From Waterproof Sci-Fi Weaponry to Personified Primate Parasols: