Frighten Innocent People with the Rifle Umbrella

 - Sep 16, 2013
References: amazon
In response to the consumer demand for hilarious umbrellas comes the rifle umbrella. This hybrid rifle stock/umbrella combination does not function as a firearm, but will fully fulfill the expectations of the traditional umbrella.

The handle of the umbrella is actually a rifle stock, and by pulling the trigger, one can activate the umbrella itself. Equipped with a shoulder-sling and a barrel-shaped tip, this umbrella is incredibly realistic, functional and badass. With that said, the site cautions and recommends against bringing this device with you to police stations or airports.

The rifle umbrella is a serious conversation starter and doubles as a scare tactic. With this variety of functions, the $34 price point seems like a steal. This product is an absolute must for gun-lovers and avid rainfall enthusiasts.