- Feb 1, 2014
The most inspiring and attention-grabbing design trends in 2013 focus on their aspects of customization. Designers and artists broke free from tradition this year and created art, decor, consumer products and structures with qualities that enabled people to make them their own.

A popular theme across all design industries this year is definitely that of "do it yourself" and this remains trues for design trends in 2013. While a large majority of DIY projects and products fall under home and decor categories, we also see them branching out to the design of other items as well. Things like bicycles, packaging and jewelry have all adopted upcycled properties and characteristics. This ability to create custom products for a wide range of nice markets continues to appeal to consumers.

For more insight into why design trends are becoming more personalized and one-of-a-kind -- and what this means for designers in the future -- check out Trend Hunter's Design Trend Report.

From DIY Cement Sound Blocks to Adult Fold-Up Bunk Beds: