ETC Tables Let You Figure Out Their Optimal Functions

 - Feb 14, 2013
References: timdefleur
You'll notice that many tables are marketed and sold specifically as dining tables, kitchen tables, desks and bedside tables, but the ETC Tables do not presume that you'll use any of the pieces for one particular purpose. This collection of lovely oak furnishings is flexible for all of your flat-surface needs in your home.

One, two or all three of the wooden units can be used individually or in combination in this room or that. They compose convenient setups in bedrooms, offices and living rooms and the tallest might provide a compact eating surface for one in a tiny apartment kitchen. The two others might be used as a coffee table and a side table with their generous areas and practical tablet-ready grooves. Tim Defleur's ETC Tables also have tiny leg-mounted platforms to hold computer adapters and the like.