- Aug 6, 2014
From high tech sound systems to stylish home furnishings, these gradient design features play with perception and embrace all things ombre-themed.

The fashion world's ombre hair fad has transitioned over to the design world and has served as an inspiration for countless dip dyed products that range from business cards to chic stationary sets.

Standouts from this list of gradient design examples include The Boxcar One Series, a planter collection that is conceived by Revolution Design House. The collection is the result of a 13-artist collaboration and features a neon gradient print.

Another memorable item on the list is Pocket Squarez, a pre-cut suit accessory solution that boasts a range of prints. The accessory line includes numerous ombre motifs that are some of the its most popular pieces.

From Ombre Business Cards to Dip-Dyed Furniture Collections: