The Reservoir Rug Transitions Fluidly from Wall to Floor

 - Sep 20, 2013
References: mrdeanbrown & mocoloco
A rug displayed on the wall is typically called a tapestry, but that's not what the Reservoir Rug is. This extraordinary floor covering seems to cascade from a vertical position to a horizontal one in a way that makes it unusually and beautifully sculptural.

Mr. Dean Brown's design brings an enchanting quality to carpet -- an interior fixture or accessory that rarely inspires observation or appreciation. He has placed three stepped ledges against the wall, covered them in lovely gradient-blue textiles and carried slender sections down in strips to resemble a multi-tiered waterfall. It seems to pool at the base in a broad semicircular mat.

The Fabrica Reservoir Rug asks the material to behave differently than usual, expressing some wonderful physical and aesthetic features that it rarely has the opportunity to do.