Hardcore Hatchets Prove that Tools can Look Beautiful Too

 - Sep 6, 2012
References: shophardcorehammers & uncrate
Hardcore Hatchets prove that just because a tool is first and foremost a utilitarian object, doesn't mean that it can't be beautifully designed as well. These sleek hand axes are made in America using hickory to forge the sturdy handles. Each handle is either painted or stained, creating an ombre effect on the wood that differs from piece to piece.

Each axe has a 18-inch wooden handle that is connected to a 19-oz. head. This high-quality chopper will easily chop through firewood and woodland brush with ease, and while you are chopping, onlookers can admire the expert craftsmanship of your hardware along with your expertise.

Grab yourself a cutter that looks as good as the job it's doing for you with Hardcore Hatchets.