From School Supply Veggie Peelers to Nasal Shavings

 - Aug 20, 2013
With so many items on your back-to-school shopping list, it's important to remember crayon sharpeners.

While the sharpening tool may not seem as important as notebooks, pencils and erasers, they're crucial to art. It's no secret that kids in elementary school spend a large chunk of their time drawing and coloring, and in order to get their pictures done, they'll need a lot of pencil crayons -- and something to keep them sharp at all times. This year, stray away from the boring sharpeners and give your kids sharpeners they won't "accidentally" lose. For kids who love characters, a pirate-shaped sharpener, one that looks like Pinocchio or a fun robot-inspired one definitely won't go missing.

One that will definitely add some humor to the day and have friends borrowing it, is the giant crayon sharpener that's shaped like a nose.