Nose Pencil Sharpener Lets you Stick Pencils Up Your Snout

 - Jun 9, 2009   Updated: Jul 20 2011
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Instead of sticking your pencil up your nose, you can simply stick it in the Nose Pencil Sharpener for that pointy edge.

Not only do you get a nice sharp pencil, you'll get a weird, thrilling satisfaction as you stick your writing utensil up the right nostril. The best part is, that the shavings look like boogers that have just fallen out of your nose sharpener.

Implications - While sticking a sharpened or non-sharpened pencil up your nose is certainly unappealing for many different reasons, this nose sharpener definitely lightens the mood in the classroom! Entertain yourself and other students each time you go to sharpen your pencil with this goofy and amusing school supply. I'm glad that it produces shavings and not boogers!

Don’t lie, I know you want one!