Bronze Kinetic Robots from Monocomplex are Adult Toys

 - Mar 24, 2011
References: monocomplex & yankodesign
Monocomplex has designed little kinetic robots that make it okay for an adult to act like a kid.

The general public loves robots- its true. Think of R2D2, Kitt, Megatron, Optimus Prime, K9, Robotboy, Bender- the list is quite lengthy. The Monocomplex robot is a toy that is intelligent and interactive, so they are alright for adults to play with. These little bronze guys all perform different sole functions. One is a pencil sharpener, another a lamp and the last a music box. To make these little robots perform their simplistic function, you just turn a little crank (like a music box) and away they go!

The design element is, well, adorable. It’s a joy to watch these trinkets perform their function. You could always just play music from your iPod, turn on the lamp beside you and use an electric pencil sharpener…But where’s the fun in that?