From Killer Ninja Utensils to Clothespin Chopsticks

 - Aug 21, 2013
If you're looking for a change in the kitchen, replacing your spoons and forks with crafted chopsticks would be an adventurous way to eat your daily meals.

While these utensils aren't the easiest to use, there are ones designed to make picking up food a lot easier. For example, a set of clasping cutlery tools definitely lends an extra helping hand. Instead of having to keep the two sticks together yourself, these ones come with an attachable clamp so you can simply stick the chopsticks in the holes and just focus on learning the hand technique.

If you're someone who'd like to learn how to master the craft but aren't ready to part with your familiar tableware, you should try a set of cutlery that has forks on one end and crafted chopsticks on the other.