Sang-gyeun Ahn's Gori Chopsticks are Easy to Use

 - Mar 18, 2011
References: yankodesign
Chopsticks can be very tough to use a lot of the time, especially if you didn't grow up using them, but thanks to these GORI Chopsticks, that might all change. Like training wheels for chopsticks, this set comes with a flexible plastic attachment that keeps your chopsticks in place as you eat.

The more you use them, the stronger your hands and fingers get, so you can eventually take off the attachment and use your GORI Chopsticks like they are supposed to be used.

What is even better about this particular design compared to other helpful chopsticks is that the GORI Chopsticks attachment can also be re-purposed into a napkin holder, making it both versatile and super useful.