The Master Crane Chopsticks Will Aid in Your Quest to Learn

With the Master Crane chopsticks, individuals can add a bit of quirk to their weekly takeout binges. By distracting others with these whimsical utensils, your friends and family will instantly forget about your inability to hold food with chopsticks. For inexperienced individuals, using chopsticks for the first time can be both stressful and embarrassing.

Designed and packaged with a colorful swan chopstick holder, the Master Crane chopsticks will open the door to new foods including dim sum, sushi and Chinese-American take out.

Although you may not have mastered the skills of using chopsticks, you can still appear to have all the tricks of a well-trained and seasoned professional. Boasting bold and brilliant colors, these avian-inspired instruments will liven up last night's leftovers.