- Aug 2, 2014
We're seeing an influx of people who are negating prepackaged foods to avoid certain ingredients or just processed goods in general, which is where these DIY desserts come into play. Those looking for an indulgence will usually head to an ice cream parlor or a corner story, but the rise of DIY desserts is making a wave with consumers as being options that are both cost-effective, easily prepared and, in many cases, able to be made with stuff you'd find in your pantry.

The DIY boom isn't showing any sign of slowing down as consumers continue to make everything from simple meals to extravagant outfits themselves. While the concept of DIY desserts isn't necessarily something new, the innovative varieties and approaches are seeing consumers making something that looks like it was store-bought.

From Creamy DIY Dessert Pops to DIY Taco Cookies: