This Peep Fluffernutter Combines Cake, Candy and Marshmallows

 - Apr 1, 2013
References: seriouseats & laughingsquid
This marshmallow peanut butter cake concoction looks like the sweetest thing to hit a dining room table since granulated sugar.

This marshmallow peanut butter desert sandwich is a DIY recipe that combines peep marshmallow candies melted in between of two slices of rich pound cake with a spread of peanut butter in between as well. The creator of the recipe, Jessie Oleson of CakeSpy, compares the concoction to the popular summertime Fluffernutter treat that is normally two slices of bread, peanut butter and marshmallows. In this case, this is the Fluffernutter taken to the next level of deliciousness. Oleson refers to the marshmallow peanut butter sandwich as a "delectably decadent dessert sandwich." I'm at a loss to come up with a more apt description than that.