From Solo Sangria Recipes to Carry-On Cocktail Kits

 - May 4, 2015
Now that many big drink brands are realizing that there's a huge market for on-the-go drinking, thrifty consumers are looking for ways that they can enjoy the same convenience at less cost with a variety of DIY single-serving recipes, containers and other solutions.

From shakers to muddlers, strainers and specific drinking glasses, there's a market full of tools to stock your kitchen with when you decide to take on the role of a mixologist at home. But recipes like the sangria for one and mason jar margaritas offer drinking solutions that can be prepared and enjoyed from the same container, saving time and money.

As seen in the Whiskey Element, the Postfossil Stir It Carafe and the Incanter by Sempli, in addition to ease of preparing and storing in small batches, consumers are also looking for solutions to enhance single drink servings with custom flavor.