These DIY Instructions Let You Make Your Own Easter Peep Candy Vodka

 - Mar 27, 2013
References: bakingbites & laughingsquid
Personally, with all the candy options out there, I've never truly understood the appeal of Peep Marshmallow candy, but that was before I laid eyes on these simple instructions for marshmallow candy vodka. My interest in the little birdie marshmallow candies are now more piqued than they've ever been, especially with Peeps being an Easter candy favorite.

The recipe, which was put together by Nicole of Baking Bites, is a pretty simple process. Simply put, you need to put roughly 30 of the peep marshmallow candies into a jar, fill the cracks with vodka and just let it sit in the refrigerator for a few days so the flavors infuse into the vodka. I personally liked that Nicole suggests not using the cheap stuff to make the candy vodka, but to not waste an expensive bottle of vodka on the project either. According to the blog, the sweetness from the Peeps is subtle, and the candy vodka works great in many different types of cocktails, just in time for some Easter drinks.