- Sep 10, 2015
These pumpkin spice beverages are the perfect drinks to ring in the fall season with. From comforting coffees to spiked pumpkin drinks, these refreshing thirst-quenchers are inspired by autumnal flavors.

A pumpkin spice latte is the traditional go-to fall drink but Free People makes the iconic beverage more nutritious with its recipe for a healthy pumpkin latte. DIY pumpkin coffee does not carry as many health benefits but is also a delicious autumn drink to try during cooler months.

These pumpkin spice beverages also include a variety of booze-infused drinks most adults can appreciate. The Natt-o-Lantern pumpkin beer is the perfect beverage for any Halloween soiree whereas pumpkin pie vodka is an ideal additive to fall-themed cocktail recipes.

From Festival Fall Shooters to Autumnal Pie Alcohols: