From Greasy Meat Soda Pops to Steak-Infused Cocktails

 - Jun 4, 2015
Unconventional but very popular, meat-infused drinks are considered a must-try among the masses.

Offering a meaty flavor with refreshing qualities, these meat-infused drinks range from porky innovations to steamy steak initiatives. These kinds of drinks are most popular with the use of bacon. Drinks such as bacon-infused cocktails, maple bacon cocktail syrups and pork-flavored coffee incorporate the smokey taste of bacon for a smoother way to enjoy the iconic meat. However unconventional the aforementioned drinks are, none are as wild as Lester Fixin's bacon soda. This savory soda exhibits all the fizz and sugar of any normal soda paired with an undeniable bacon after taste.

Another unusual meat drink is Sunday Toast's lamb-flavored beer. This bizarre type of malt liquor features slow-roasted lamb within its list of ingredients.