The Pink Grapefruit Shandy Puts a Seasonal Twist on the Summery Beverage

 - Mar 25, 2015
References: blog.freepeople
This pink grapefruit shandy puts a spring time twist on the traditional shandy -- an alcoholic beverage consisting of beer and lemonade. This particular recipe from the Free People blog uses Austin Beerworks (a local favorite in Texas).

The refreshing libation combines the grapefruit flavor with salt, which perfectly balances savory and tartness. The cocktail is made up of two thirds beer and one third grapefruit juice. Even though grapefruits are currently in season, you can always substitute the citrus fruit for lemon or orange juice. And if you're really picky, you can also forego the salt. Blogger Julia used pink Himalayan sea salt to decorate the glass rim. For bonus points, you can drink your pink grapefruit shandy out of a cute mason jar as well.