This Science Trick Turns a Bottle of Cola into a Coca Cola Slushy

 - Jul 18, 2013
References: instructables & foodbeast
If you loved eating Coca Cola slushies when you were younger, this neat science trick turns a bottle of liquid Coca Cola instantly into a slushy. A fun trick to show your friends, this DIY Coca Cola slushy recipe will help you make delicious icy treats all summer long.

To create this instantaneous DIY pop slushy, take a standard bottle of pop and shake it up as much as you can to build the most amount of carbon pressure possible. Then, put the bottle in the freezer for three hours. The pop won't freeze because of the high amount of pressure in the bottle, and will go below the point of freezing without turning into liquid. Once the bottle is taken out of the freezer and the cap opened, the pressure is released and the pop liquid automatically turns into a solid, frozen consistency in under three seconds.