- May 18, 2015
These campfire foods range from traditional cookie confections to unusual dessert hybrids. Though no two dishes are the same, these s'more-inspired foods are sure to appeal to campers and non-campers alike.

While a s'more sandwich infused with bacon isn't the go-to snack for most people, a bite-sized campfire cupcake may be more well received. This list of campfire foods also showcases out-of-the-ordinary recipes such as pasta-inspired s'more sweets that transform s'mores into a main course meal. Other recipes included on this list are boozy campfire bites fit for a good time. Lastly, this list features more lavish s'more-like desserts for the campfire foodies with expensive taste.

This collection of campfire confections features dishes perfect for the oncoming summer season as well as snacks fit for anytime a craving hits.

These S'more-Inspired Dishes are Perfect for Summer: