S'Mores Popcorn Puts a Fun Twist on the Favorite Movie Snack

 - Oct 8, 2013
References: ericasweettooth
S'mores popcorn is perfect for people who are looking for a new and yummy midnight snack.

This mouth-watering treat from Sweet Tooth fuses salty popcorn with sweet chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. For this recipe, the baker and creator Erica used Golden Graham cereal, which just made the snack even more deliciously sweet!

To create this amazing concoction, all you need to do is pop eight cups of popcorn and then mix it with the crushed cereal, marshmallows and mini chocolate chips. The final step involves pouring oozing microwaved chocolate sauce over the combined ingredients. Once the sauce has hardened, the snack is ready to be served.

S'mores popcorn is a fun activity to create with family and friends and then enjoy on movie nights or camping trips.