From Boozy Cereal Milkshakes to Sugary Cereal Pancakes

 - May 21, 2015
These unexpected cereal treats prove that your favorite breakfast staple is just as delicious in a dessert or even an entree. From kid-friendly snacks to crowd-pleasing creations, these hybrid recipes are perfect for any occasion.

These clever recipes go beyond the classic cereal bars and squares to infuse cereal into a whole new host of recipes. There are traditional cake recipes that use cereal for a little added texture and a delightful crunch factor. There are also drink recipes that use the sugary sweet cereal marshmallows to elevate boozy milkshakes. For those who are looking to incorporate cereal into other meals, there are also cereal-crusted chicken bites and even alternative cereal pizza crusts.

While cereal has long been a go-to breakfast item, these ingenious recipes put a tasty new spin on an old classic.