Relive the Harry Potter Hype with this Sorting Hat Cake

This Harry Potter Sorting Hat cake is purely magical. This concoction comes from El Laboratorio De Las Tartas, not the Hogwarts kitchens. It also features both Harry and Voldemort’s wands. The top portion of the cake is made from Rice Krispies, while ganache was used for the hat’s face.

The Sorting Hat cake bares a striking resemblance to the movie franchise’s interpretation of the singing headwear. It’s extremely detailed, which is made evident by the patchwork and stitching replication. While the Sorting Hat may look scary, fans of the Harry Potter series will know he is ever wise and also delicious. While the hat in the story has a lovely singing voice, this recreation does not. Although my guess is after consuming it, you will be singing its praises.