From Artisan Campfire Treats to Boozy Brew Confections

 - Mar 25, 2015
These marshmallow dessert recipes range from artisan campfire treats to boozy confections that are infused with your choice of organic craft beer or Mojito cocktail mix. For decades, marshmallows have been a family favorite especially during backyard barbecues or woodside camping trips.

These marshmallow dessert recipes reinvent the traditional snack and give it an unexpected and gourmet edge. Standouts from this list include DIY marshmallow roses that are intricately shaped to resemble flowers along with buttery marshmallow bites that are infused with creamy filling.

In addition to fusing marshmallows with gourmet ingredients, foodies are also experimenting with the shape of the campfire treats. Some interesting examples of this playful fad include cat and fruit-shaped confections along with bite-sized desserts that feature an edible image.