Cat Cafe Marshmallows is Latte Foam Art for Regular People

 - Aug 2, 2013
References: thatsnerdalicious & neatorama
Since not everyone can be an expert on latte foam art, Japanese marshmallow specialty shop Yawahada has created the Cat Cafe marshmallows. Shaped like an adorable kitty, this coffee topper will turn any average Joe into Kazuki Yamamato, who has become Internet famous thanks to his amazing latte art. Although there is a marked difference between the two, the sweetness of the Cat Cafe marshmallows make up for it.

Each of the Cat Cafe marshmallows are made by hand. They were not inspired by the popularity of latte art, but customer complaints that their original cat marshmallows sank too soon into the dark depths of the coffee. Thus the Cat Cafe marshmallows were made to float.