From Tropical Vegan Cheesecakes to Vegetable-Infused Macaroons

 - Jul 8, 2015
Whether you adhere to a raw diet or not, these raw dessert recipes are the perfect way to whip up a tasty treat without ever heating up the oven. From complex layered cakes to simple snack bars, these raw recipes are prefect for hot summer days.

Traditionally, a raw diet means not eating foods that have been cooked above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. While the diet may vary according to each individual, the general idea is to primarily or exclusively eat uncooked and unprocessed foods. This approach to eating is most commonly associated with a vegan diet.

While the raw diet may sound limiting, there are actually a number of fun and easy recipes that can be be made without the use of heat. Raw cakes are an easy dessert to make and generally involve using nuts as a base or form of crust. Other raw dessert recipes include everything from indulgent truffles to no-bake snack bars.