From Cereal-Infused Sandwiches to Waffle-Infused Espressos

 - Jun 6, 2015
It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and these enticing breakfast dishes serve to fulfill that importance.

While sweet tooth consumers can enjoy a sugar-filled breakfast such as campfire treat waffles, a more health-conscious eater may find Food52's baked eggs more satisfying. These enticing breakfast dishes also include a range of cereal-friendly foods such as speedy quinoa parfaits and ultra healthy granola recipes. Fruit is also included within this category of breakfast dishes. While the average person may go for a simple fruit bowl, these dishes include buttermilk biscuits infused with grapefruit.

For the meaty eaters who enjoy a good hybrid meal, everything bagel eclairs and spicy poultry waffles are the breakfast dishes to try.