This Unusual Breakfast Dish is Filled with a Savory Surprise

 - Dec 30, 2014
References: disneyfoodblog & disneyfoodblog
While you might expect to see waffles dressed up with sweet toppings such as fruit or syrups, Disney World is serving a salty waffle alternative known as the Savory Turkey Waffle. Unlike a traditional waffle, these breakfast cakes are topped with all of the traditional food items you might see spread out a holiday dinner table.

The Savory Turkey Waffles begin with a sweet potato base that give these cakes a unique orange hue. Inside, the waffles are filled with salty ingredients such as shredded turkey and fried onions. If you're still hungry after three of these savory waffles you're in luck as each side of Savory Turkey Waffles comes with a heaping helping of green bean casserole.