From DIY Marshmallow Spreads to Root Beer Rib Toppings

 - Sep 3, 2015
These unique condiments are sure to enhance any traditional dish with a flavorful topping. There are numerous creations that aim to elevate mealtime with creative examples such as spicy honey, edible flower salts and coconut almond butters.

With so many options emerging in the market, there is a satisfactory option for anyone's lifestyle. Many of these sauces and food toppings are sweet and spicy, extra hot, sugary or crunchy. The 'P28' high-protein sandwich spread is perfect for the gym-goer with an appreciation for health-conscious pantry products. For those who need a little extra kick, Willy Barling's organic spicy barbecue sauce collection is a great option that is more nutritious than others on the market.

There are also adult boozy margarita spreads that give one's morning toast a classic cocktail twist. With various options to increase each meal, these unique condiments aim to meet each consumer's personal desire.