This Unexpected Hummus Recipe Mimics the Taste of 'Cool Ranch Doritos'

The 'Chocolate-Covered Kate' blog just revealed a new hummus recipe that combines the goodness of chickpeas with the zesty flavors of ranch dressing. Made from simple ingredients and flavorful spices, this delicious dip looks like hummus but tastes like 'Cool Ranch Doritos.'

While this hummus recipe may be inspired by a beloved chip flavor, there are in fact no actual potato chips used in the recipe. The ranch dressing flavor in fact comes from the combination of onion powder, dried dill and garlic powder, which together mimics the familiar taste of Cool Ranch Doritos.

To make the hummus, simply combine chickpeas with water, apple cider vinegar, oil, salt and the spices in a high-speed food processor. You can also add nutritional yeast as well for an added cheesy flavor. With this recipe, you can easily whip up some delicious chip-flavored hummus in mere minutes.