From Raw Banana Bread Bars to Paleo Breakfast Muffins

 - Nov 20, 2015
While it might seem like Celiacs and those who avoid consuming gluten have to do without dinner rolls, sweet dessert loaves and sandwiches framed by bread slices, there are plenty of gluten-free bread alternatives that satisfy cravings for familiar comfort foods.

As replacements for classic items like banana bread, English muffins, protein bars and grilled cheese sandwiches, brands like Go Raw and Mikey's Muffins have taken on the task of providing convincing and flavorful alternatives.

Difficult as it may be to replicate the exact taste and texture that an ingredient like wheat flour provides, it is being replaced with everything from sprouted grains to plant-based substitutes. A great example of this is a melted cheese sandwich shared by Well+Good, with a gluten-free "crust" made entirely from pieces of grilled cauliflower.